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Gansu Yangtaihe Biotechnology CO,.LTD( Yangtaihe in abbreviation ) , located in Block B building No. 3 Linxia Economic Development Zone , 130 kilometers from Lanzhou city , nearby Lanlin highway , direct access to Chengdu by State Road 213.

Yangtaihe is a leading high-technology company in Linxia Economic Development Zone, specialized in biological product research, production, testing ,marketing and service in bio-technology field ,which is in an emerging bio- industries of agricultural and live stock products and biological enzymes deep processing .This industry is enjoying the support from local government .

Yangtaihe is the SOD R&D and production base of Beijing Contax .
Our company insist honest development strategy, which is specialized in research and development and sales of biological enzymes and agricultural and livestock by-products; agricultural and livestock production, processing and marketing; research, development and sales of food and health care products.
We extract and purify superoxide Dismutase(SOD) from animals and plants. Our company has independent intellectual property rights for SOD series technology ,and the patent number is 201110235284.9 . The founder, who is biochemical master, focus on research and development of SOD extraction and purification technology, protein modification technology (solved the technical problems of SOD stability )and the science and technology of SOD capsule compatibility more than 13 years (since year 2000 ) .Our SOD series technology reach domestic first-class and international leading level and enjoy the core competitiveness in the market. In addition , we established technical and commercial relationship with many domestic and foreign research institutes and enterprises.
Most importantly ,our company conducted a small molecular modification for extracted SOD, which greatly extends the stability of SOD .The SOD without molecular modification can only save three months at room temperature .

The enzyme activity of our modified SOD freeze-dried powder reach 8790 U / mg (see BRB Report No.: F201304475-1a) according to the authoritative testing department - Analysis Test Center in Guangzhou .
Our company produce more than 40KG modified SOD freeze-dried powder yearly. We are in a leading position not only for product quality but also production scale .
At present, our modified SOD freeze-dried powder mainly export to Japan. we are developing new marketing channel and market application .
In addition,we are developing catalase and aprotinin enzymes and other biological products . we will focus on the direction of biological industrialization and make much contribution to human health.